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The enterprise environment of current of current era requires never-stopping changes to enterprisers. In the management
environment of today, the environmental instability gradualy increases and the survival period of enterprise gets shorter.
However, now we are faction the global competition era thus if an enterprise just stays at the conventional management paradigm or
insists a narrow wiew that it is fine enterprise just can stay at a current interim competitive adge, lt will deplete its driving strength
for growth only to suffer stagnation.

Essence of
Values at Our

DAEAN has led the textile trend with various fresh designs and items every season under the motto, ‘CRCATIVE DESIGN,
HIGH QULITY PRODUCT’, as an industrial design enterprise of fabrics for bedclothes, curtain, wall paper, and interior.
The essential values of DAEAN are in the human-respecting management, customer-oriented management / creativity /
spirit of independence, honesty, sincerity / naver discontinued self-innovation / trust.

and Creativity

With all members, talented persons who form flexible team work, seek for continued Innovation, creativity, consecutive self-improvement,
and are voracious and enthusiastic for understanding customers’ needs, DAEAN, an industrial design planning company, develops
self brands, is involved in marketing, and develops in cooperation with Korea prestigious brands to supply textiles by using BIO fabrics,
which are novel anvanced materials, and original designs. Like this DAEAN has been committed only to bedclothes, curtain, and
industrial fabric. DAEAN will make sure to facilitate Investment in R&D and design R&D to reward to customers, with keeping in in mind
that we have to be the most trustful source of high quality fabric products. Highly grateful for your incessant interest.

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