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The best facilities and environment nationwide “DAEAN DYE Co., Ltd.”

The Daegu Plant, which was established in 2008, is located in Dyeing Industrial Complex in Bisan, Daegu City.
This is a factory for special dyeing and printing, and has a capability of batch styled production ranging from
the pre-process, dyeing, printing to post process.

Based on facilities equipped with cutting edge systems and high qualified talented employees with much
experience and accumulated know-how, this plant has a capability of customer-oriented quality control and
rapid production, and DAEAN keeps seeking the Trend-Driving Design beyond the Trend-Driven Design to
lead the Korean textile industry, with a weapon of creative designs of DAEAN Textile Co., Ltd. an affiliate company.

Our enterprise proceeds with management under the most desired purpose, a motto of company,
“Let’s produce high quality with a positive and creative idea at a pleasant environment!” We will
always do our best for customer satisfaction and provide a highly reliable product.

We will seek for the best quality in Korea rather than staying as the largest scale of printing factory of Korea.
We appreciate your interest. 대표이사