Philosophy of Management

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Philosophy of Management

Seek permanent existence and development of company through continued growth as well as company-wide stability under the essential aim,
“Let’s produce high quality with a positive and creative idea at a pleasant environment!” Through this mind, endow DAEAN a mission that it should create values
for customers, company members, and stockholders to function as a hub for social economic development, and further, to contribute to the well-being of global family.

Essence of Values

Assurance and Enthusiasm
- A will to be committed to permanent existence and development of company with an attitude, ‘the development of company is
equal to each individual’s own development’, and through this commission, desire to create and share happiness.
- A mindset that all employees desire to maximize a voluntary and voracious brain activity (concept) to use it for management,
and try to achieve high performance (productivity).
- Mettle and Progressive Thought: Locate solutions with creative and challenging attitudes in order to achieve purposes.
Progressive Action
Any barricade can be broken to give way to the purpose achievement.
Creative Thought
Consider an operation from multiple views, and handle the
operation with a multi-lateral and creative idea.

Principle of Management

Deeply Inspiring Customers
Customers are given inspiration beyond
satisfaction by the best products and services
of DAEAN’s own.
Positive Mindset
Have a positive mindset that all employees will
create and share happiness and grow together based
on mutual trust and respect between company-wide
all executives and employees.
Self Management
Have an ability of decision-making about each
one’s own life based on self-respect, and maintain
individual’s life peaceful and stable, the life including
mentally and physically healthy condition and
family life.

Principle of Action

  • - Understand the essential of corporation management, have a professional attitude toward targeted operation along with basic knowledge needed for management activity.
  • - DAEAN takes care of the happiness and health of the family with a mind to advance the positive.